Things you can do with used Teabags

Natural Mouthwash

It works as a wonderful natural mouthwash, and is even more beneficial since it contains antiseptics , which help relieve pain and inflammation, if any. Infact, this mouthwash could help you ease tooth and gum pain whenever it strikes- no need to pop that painkiller.

Relieve Pain From Injections

Used tea bags also work great as a pain-reliever. Is your baby still wailing over that inoculation shot? Wet a tea bag and place it over the area where your baby has been injected – the tannic acid present in tea will soothe the area, remove any soreness that may be present and speed up healing of the area.

Stop a Cut from Bleeding

Accidentally pricked your finger while chopping and dicing in the kitchen? Instead of heading for a band-aid and creating a bloody mess around you, reach out for a used tea bag and hold it against the injured area till it stops bleeding. The idea behind using tea bags to staunch blood flow is that the tannins in the tea accelerate blood clotting, making wounds heal faster.

Heal Sunburned Skin

Got a nasty sunburn? Don’t worry- a simple tea bag will help you in miraculous ways. Throw used tea bags into your bath water, and allow your entire body to soak in this healing water for as long as you like- a natural treatment for sunburns.

Neutralize household odors

You can place dried, used tea bags in the bottom of the trash can to keep odors at bay; you can place dried, used tea leaves in kitty litter to neutralize the odor; you can pop a used tea bag in the bottom of an ashtray to absorb odor; you can even store some brewed tea bags in the refrigerator to keep things fresh.

Rust-proof your cookware

Simply rub your cookware with a used tea bag, making sure every inch of the surface is covered.

De-stress your eyes

Aside from the helpful tannins, the tea’s caffeine is said to shrink the blood vessels around your eyes, making dark, puffy bags disappear.
This is a classic used tea bag hack: put the damp tea bags over your eyes for about 15 minutes to rejuvenate skin naturally.

Ease razor burn

Just place a damp, used tea bag on the affected area and press until the pain is alleviated. In the same way old tea bags can be used to help reduce the symptoms of a sunburn, they can be used to ease razor burn.

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