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What are Teardrop Flags?

Tear drop Banner or flags are shaped like an inverted teardrop coming out of the ground. They can be attached to a standard 4-leg cross base, a heavy cross base, a car tyre base, a wall base or a floor base. They are available in three basic sizes. A small is 2.5m, a medium is 3.5m and a large is 4.5m. They also come in six different shapes: the standard teardrop shape and five different wing shapes.

What Makes Teardrop Flags so Popular

Because they don’t require a lot of space, they can be placed strategically in places that are guaranteed to attract passers-by. They attract people visually with bright colors and clever designs. They also attract people because they flap in the wind, making passers-by turn their heads to find out what is making the noise. Teardrop flags are also attractive because we can put any design you want on them due to a process called sublimation dyes are absorbed directly into the fabric. Our computer-generated process allows us total freedom of design. We can create photo-quality designs, using photographs or artwork. We can also put your company name and logo on teardrop flags. They are large enough to hold all of this and any message you want to convey to the public.

Creative Uses for Teardrop Flags

Teardrop flags can be used for trade shows and any outdoor event. They can be used as open house signs and moved from event to event. They are also being used at a lot of sporting events, for directions and advertising. They are also used at entertainment venues for concerts, plays and other events.

  • Teardrop flags are both economical and extremely effective, and can be used for various events and venues. They are fast to setup and easy to take down.
  • Their unique shapes with your company logo or artwork can be super eye-catchy, and can quickly draw people’s attention to your area.
  • Sturdy pole set is constructed of aviation-grade fiberglass poles that can withstand wind gusts up to 95kph.
  • Teardrop flags can be produced in both single sided or double sided versions. Different stand options allow you to use these flag both indoor and outdoor.

The Teardrop flags comes complete with poles set, printing banner, carrying bag and a ground spike base as standard inclusions, unless a different base or base combination is selected.


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