How to Save Money For Easy Living In Nigeria (5 Tips You Need)

Written by Ayodele Oluwatosin

Many Nigerians see staying dedicated to saving money as one of the most difficult decisions to take as there is always a lot of unplanned expenses surfacing at unexpected times. People find it so hard to save probably because they have unhealthy spending habit, thereby, finding it hard to solely survive on their income/salary.

However to make things easier, below are workable ways one can save money, the major trick is getting more money saved than wasted.

Workable Tips On How To Save Money

  1. Draw Out Your Expense Plan

Drawing out your expense plan is a effective way of saving. Thinking of how to save money after your salary has been paid, its best to spell out all your expense plan in the beginning of the month, know what you would need to get and how much you would be having for savings.

  1. Spend Wisely

In a bid to save reasonably, it is important to learn how to spend wisely. You shouldn’t just go to a store, see something you like and just jump at it. Check for similar but cheaper products; train yourself to get all the information on products, opportunity and discount before buying it. Sometimes, it is advisable to buy in bulk, that way you save more and have what you want stocked up.

  1. Cut Back On Eating Out

Eating out in Lagos is very expensive and not in any way advisable when trying to save to save expenses to have reasonable savings. Staying at home and preparing your home made meal would do a lot of good for your savings as well as guarantees a healthy and fresh meal.

  1. Always Negotiate

Negotiation is Key! Why buy products at the exact price the seller gives? Sometimes, sellers tend to make excess gain on their products which is a the reason you have to negotiate prices, when a price is called out, give a response of a convenient but reasonable amount you can afford, this way, you have little money deducted from your expenses.

  1. Control Your Impulse

Nigerians tend to buy things on impulse. And this habit ruins finances quickly. So, thinking twice before buying any advertised product or service can help save a lot of money. Most people realize that what they bought was unnecessary only after parting with their money. To avoid such buyer regrets, it is necessary to check whether a product or service is actually needed before purchasing it.

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