How To Be Relevant in Nigerian “Owambe” Parties

Written by Ayodele Oluwatosin

As we all know and has been confirmed that Nigerian’s  throw the most extravagant and interesting ‘OWAMBE” parties ever! Our wedding parties are most exciting as it always has to be extra (you all know what I mean). In Owambe parties you have to be relevant,if you are wondering “why do I have to be relevant in someone else party”, well, you don’t want to be cut out of all the fun and happenings and not even have heads turning or your presence felt.

Here are five things you can do to be relevant at an owambe party.

  1. Dress To Kill

This is just a literary expression as no one is actually dying. It is to describe how stunning you should look. When attending an owambe party, it is best to be dressed In the “Aso Ebi” for the party and make sure is sewn by a very skilled tailor that would add spice to your dress. Also, put on very nice make-up and complete the whole “killing them” with tying a multi layered gele. This kind of dressing and look would definitely make heads turn towards your direction.

  1. Go In With Your Company

When going to an Owambe party, its best to arrive quite early so as to have a good place to seat and have a good view of everthing happening and you nedd your company to walk in with you as a squad, dressed in your attires to slay. That way you all would gain attentions and have people trying to know the group of people that have just arrived.

  1. Find the Best Location

When arriving at the venue of the party, be sure to sight a very good table location to settle, somewhere you have very important people for the event, sitting, this way you get to have preferential treatment and everything comes your way, you don’t have to strain your neck to know what activity is going on in front.

  1. Put On Your Dancing Shoes

This very important, owambe parties are never without music, so dancing and bringing up dance stop would definitely draw attention to you, even photographers want to capture interesting events because they want to portray their skills, so they tend to tend to take your pictures and also to spice it up more, you can even tip the music band so as to have them say your name when singing.

  1. Spray Significantly

Be sure from your house if you want to spray money so you have enough time to convert higher currencies to small currencies or foreign currencies. Ensure you’re one of the first or one of the last-work your way to an angle where the camera will focus on you and don’t forget to signal the band say time don reach. Develop a unique spray style and just keep the money rolling.

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