Quality Rubber Stamp and Company Seal Makers in Lagos

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Do you need where to make professional and quality stamp and seal in Lagos, Nigeria? Then you have us to give you all the details you need. Lexoft Media Limited will provide you with quality stamps, seals and ink pads you need for your business growth. You may be looking for where to buy common stock rubber stamps or custom made designs at low prices… We got you covered!

Placing your order is quite simple. Just follow the following steps:


  • Send an email of your company’s Incorporation Certificate issued by CAC. This is to ensure the company is registered.
  • Email Company’s logo, if you wish to include (attracts extra cost). Both mails should be forwarded to orders@lexoft.com.ng.
  • Send in the information you want to be on the stamp .e.g. Company’s name, date, signature etc.
  • See the types of rubber stamps and seals with their various prices.
  • Make advance payment to our corporate account.
  • Pick up in 4 hours or have us deliver to your destination at a little cost.




There are various types of rubber stamps. We have the traditional handle mount rubber stamps which has the stamp branded to the handle. This particular stamp requires a totally separated ink pad to ink the stamp. We also have the self-ink type where the ink pad is built into the stamp, so the stamp is mechanically inked as it is pressed onto the surface that is intended to be stamped. Then we have the one with adjustable date.


We advise that the self-ink date and time stamp is ideal for warehouses, shops and stores to stamp date with time of when the good were sent and received. Also, it is very useful in front office to mark the status message on all documents received. Even titles such as RECEIVED, SENT, DISPATCHED, POSTED and other custom text of your choice can be included to go along with date and time.

Rubber Stamp Lagos

Rubber Stamp Lagos

Self ink stampRubber Stamp Lagos Date Stamp Lagos

So, place your orders for quality rubber stamp and company seal from Lexoft Media Limited today.

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