Modern Corporate Dress Styles For Office

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Lately, certain office dress styles have gone out of place thereby paving a way for modern corporate dress styles for office which sometimes is the only fun part of the work day as work at the office tends to be boring most times.

In this article, we would be giving you some corporate wears for ladies in Nigeria, so as to help you find the perfect office dress without having too much troubles, as they say, looking good is a very good business and an higher percentage of your beauty and attraction comes from what you wear.
Though, all offices have different dress codes, there are different types of modern corporate dress styles.

  • Monochrome

The simplest and less stressful choice of corporate dresses for office is the combination of two solid colors, if you don’t really have experience about mixing colors of different shades, the easiest you can try is “Black and White” which could be combined with each other or even other colors like red, blue or even gray.
For example, imagine combining a white and black striped blazer and pant with a black inner top, this combination would be well complimented with a yellow shoe and a black hand bag, just as seen below.

or, putting on a nude chiffon top on a black pencil skirt would march perfectly. this would be better off worn with a nude shoe and a red bag, just as see below

  • Classic Office Gown Styles

For very strict office dress code settings, the classic office gown style is most suitable. sometimes, when the work “classic” is heard, what comes to the mind next is “serious” and “boring”. However, this is not true as there are some ladies’ office wear that are very classy and beautiful.
As seen below, there are classic office dress designs that would satisfy even the most strict boss in an organization, covers everything that needs to be covered and would still look very stylish with little or no accessories.

  • Colorful Office Style

It is no news that office gown styles are quite boring especially when sticking to the norm, a little spice added to your work wardrobe wouldn’t actually hurt . there are so many ways to infuse colors in your corporate dresses, like putting a colored blazer over your tucked-in black shirt and white blouse would add a colorful accent to your outfit.

Also, putting on an over-coat over a very simple gown makes it look unique and stylish in a way.

  • Ankara Office style

Its not surprising how Ankara has made it’s way into the corporate world. Today, you can find office outfits featuring very beautiful Ankara fabrics that can fit into the strictest office dress code.
Ankara gown designs have become a sensation and very relevant in corporate wears for ladies. Ankara prints are very gorgeous as long as you choose the right silhouette and length, you can never go wrong.
Also, Ankara prints can be used to sew skirts, trousers and even blazers, which are popularly worn as the fit into the corporate dress sense perfectly.

To end this article, the most important rule in corporate dress style is not to only wear beautiful clothes but to also be able to pick the right outfit that’s best for each work day and make sure it’s not too revealing or overly opulent. Sometimes, march it up with very beautiful shoes, hand bags and jewelry. Just make sure your dress sense is not as boring as your day.

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