Interesting Things About Owambe Parties In Lagos

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In recent times, Owambe parties in Nigeria have become the one of the biggest party sensations in the world, you rare see a weekend go by without having a party to go, either wedding ceremony, burial ceremony, house warming ceremony,birthday celebration and even child naming ceremony  and dedication. So much time goes into planning these parties just to make sure it is a splendid, really big and satisfactory one as there is nothing as saddening as hearing stories of “I wasn’t well entertained” after the party.

One of the most exciting thing about Owambe in Nigeria is that no matter the cause of celebration, it has become some sort of norm to dress in uniformity and this is popularly known as “Aso Ebi”, rent very expensive and well decorated hall or it could even be done in an open air venue.

Given how big and extra owambe parties have becocme, such things as blocked roads should be expected as various guests with cars would definitely troop in but thankfully, these parties are held on weekends so guests can conveniently take their time in preparation for the event.

Apparently, Owambe parties are believed to be exclusively organized by the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, as they are believed to celebrate everything, throwing huge parties for all their celebration, selling clothes even for their baby’s naming ceremony. This is actually how much “Owambe” has revolved in Nigeria.

The food! This is the most exciting part of Owambe. These parties majorly involves the presence of various types of food, which is where you have the “Nigerian Jollof” served smoking hot, Ofada rice, Amala, Semo, Pounded yam with any type of soup (ewedu, efo-riro) you want, these days, we even have beans and plantain, porridge, being served in parties and of course these various food served are incomplete without being served with very big meat and then you have the aftermath , small chops and various drinks


The owambe party has really taken over the weekend in Nigeria. There is barely any boring moment as Owambe parties in Lagos, Nigeria are now being planned by event planners and things are done accordingly, infusing fun into it. They also involve a lot of dancing and money spaying by numerous guests in attendance and music by live bands or most preferably, DJs.

Finally, there has got to be souvenirs for guests as various gifts are given out all guest in the party which serves as the celebrants appreciation that they made it to his/her occasion. These souvenirs also tends to be a reminder for the event as the celebrants name(and sometimes picture) and date of event is normally printed on these gifts, so it is best that your party leaves good impression on your guests.



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