How to Dress To work on Casual Fridays For TGIF

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Are you contemplating on how to dress to work on casual Fridays for TGIF? Dressing to work on casual Fridays is supposed to be easy and due to social advancement, workplaces are nothing like they used to be in terms of dressing and that actually seems like a good thing.

Fashion these days is advancing and it doesn’t have to be official dresses where men have to put on long sleeve buttoned shirts on black pants and knot a tie or the women have to put on long sleeve shirt tucked into their shirt or official gowns. Even in certain conservative work places like business offices or law firm, relaxed casual attires are being allowed certain days or time of the year.

Surprisingly, these days, even traditional attires are now allowed in certain working environments and even office casual wears which sets other days apart and gives reminder that it’s Friday and time to celebrate TGIF.

Consequently, there are certain wears that shouldn’t and can’t be worn to work even though its Friday, therefore, one still has to be mindful of what’s appropriate to wear in the corporate world and what’s not.

Below are some DOs and DON’Ts for dressing on casual Friday in the business environment.

What not To Wear on Casual Fridays

  • Never put on slippers to work

Slippers are highly prohibited in working environment. It doesn’t matter how expensive the slippers costs or even who the popular designer that made it is. It is just not ethical to put on such to your place of work, be it on Friday or any other day of the week.



  • Do not wear sweat shirts or Lounge wears

Just because you’re allowed to dress casually on Friday doesn’t actually mean you should take Fridays too casually and not be conscious of what your dressing says about you. Just as official and corporate wears instills confidence and respect and always makes you look your best, sweat shirts and lounge wears are unofficial and doesn’t speak well when worn in the business environment.

  • Don’t put on Ripped off Jean to work

Ripped jeans are for social outings and gatherings. It is not suitable to be worn to the office or place of work. This outfit of style is meant for social outings or social gathering probably after work hours.

  • Do not Overdress to Work

In some organizations, native attires are allowed on casual Fridays, but it’s necessary to know that there are certain traditional attires that are not allowed because they are too extravagant , such are the Agbada or Danshiki native attire, they are inappropriate for work unless you are the owner. Keeping your native attire very simple is the best.

What to Wear on Casual Fridays

  • Put on Normal Trousers to Work

While trying to dress- down on casual Fridays, you can put on jeans trousers, chinos trousers or even corduroy trousers. You can even choose to wear or buy from any brand be it Balmain Jeans, Dolce and Gabbana or any other brand. These are allowed on casual Fridays.

  • Tops or Shirt

On casual Fridays, it’s not compulsory to put on official or corporate shirts with long sleeves, as a lady, you can now wear chiffon tops and other casual tops as far as it isn’t armless, transplant or ripped. Men also are allowed to put on T-shirt, polo, Denim tops, casual long sleeve and short sleeve shirts etc, on a pair of jean.

  • Foot wears

Unlike every other day of the week where you have to be corporately dressed and put on probably heels or any other official shoe , on casual Fridays there is room for you to put on foot wears such as sneakers, loafers and even moccasin. These footwear would easily just fit when worn on a pair jean and top.

  • Put on Simple Native Attire

On casual Fridays, you can put on very simple African or traditional attire to work. It could be the complete attire which is the top and trouser or the native attire that the top can fit when worn with any other trouser like Jean especially. Then you can choose a footwear that would match probably loafers or moccasins or even some nice leather sandal would be perfect with the native attire. These shoes can be ones from popular brands like Giuseppe Zanotti, Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, and many others.

After all said in this article, you can now dress to work on a casual Friday having in mind that it’s TGIF.

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