Check Out This Amazing Make-Up Looks Created by a Canadian Make-up Artist (Photos)

Written by Ayodele Oluwatosin

Make-Up in our world today is no longer ‘Child’s Play’ as a lot has changed and there is a lot more our make-up kits can do aside the regular face painting.

Check out the works of this amazing Canadian make-up artist who creates looks using just make up.

Mimi Choi is a 32-year-old make-up artist who has been into the make-up artistry for just 5 years but her great works and creativity has become a popular online sensation as She can transform herself into a Panda, hamburger, Space Cheetah, Demon, Jenga, Pizza Face and China Doll among many others.

When asked how she got to do these very good works, she says ‘I got into illusion makeup when I was a student, trying my first creative look in Halloween 2013, ‘After a really positive reception on social media, I realized how much I could achieve with just a few pieces of makeup and was motivated to continue on from there

‘I draw inspiration from everything in my environment including patterns, sounds, shapes, angles and textures. These things really evoke emotions in me and I try to translate them into my artwork – I’m also inspired by the surrealist artwork of Dali.’

She also added, ‘Another source [of inspiration] is the sleep paralysis I suffer from, in which I experience vivid hallucinations right before I wake up. These can be frightening but I choose to use it to fuel my creativity.’

See more photos below;

Isn’t she amazing?



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