5 Reasons Nigerian Men Don’t Want to Go Into Marriage Early

Written by Ayodele Oluwatosin

Here’s a very interesting topic when it comes to marriages in Nigeria. We get to see weddings holding every weekend and even some weekdays, see people get dressed for Owambe parties (weddings specifically) in various part of the country , still, so many men are scared of getting married.

We rarely hear any young man say boldly that he wants to get married as soon as possible unlike ladies who are always eager and ready to get married.

Here are five reasons why Nigerian men are scared of getting married.

  1. Unemployment

This is the most important factor that is considered by very young man. Unemployment and being employed but not well paid are top reasons men are scared of going into any sort of marital commitment. They mostly want to be financially stable before going the family way or handling marital responsibilities. Also, no woman wants to settle down with any man who isn’t capable of being in charge, taking up responsibilities as every husband is meant to do.


  1. Excessively Expensive Wedding Cost

Wedding costs differ from tribe to tribe, in some Nigerian tribe, Marriage is so expensive that the husband has to pay every dime that has been spent on his bride-to-be by her parents. Nigerian men , thinking of how much he has to spend from Introduction, to Engagement then White wedding, they tend to get discouraged and end up not wanting to get married or deciding to settle down with a woman from less extorting tribes.

  1. Loss of Freedom

Most Nigerian men are scared of losing the freedom they already had, sticking to one lady all his life, not being able to go out and come home any time he wants, not being able to go to parties and clubs with friend. Lack of freedom to do these things leaves them with a phobia for marriage because one they are married, their wives should be informed about their movements.


  1. No Lady With “Wife Material” Qualities’

This is another and most popular excuse Nigerian men give for not wanting to get married. Most Nigerian men want a lady that is subservient , one who does all he says and never complains. They believe that a wife should be a combination of a good cook, a capable washing machine, a very good bed mate and a woman capable of supporting them in hard times but when they find a lady who doesn’t have these complete qualities, they don’t want to settle down.


  1. Searching For Self-Made Ladies

 Some men don’t want to go into marriage early because they don’t want to settle down with a lady that isn’t self made, one that doesn’t own a business or has a successful career, they want a lady who is ready made, one that can help in sharing the household responsibility.

These reasons given are just little out of numerous reasons Nigerian men don’t want to get married, which leaves us with a question, if we have so many unmarried men, then who are the ones getting married every Saturday?.



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