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10 Basic Business Etiquette Rules

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Business Etiquette  is not about rules & regulations but is about establish excellent relationships with others in the business world today, certain unprofessional behaviors are not acceptable even though social norms for professional and personal behaviors are beginning to change. There are some business etiquette that can’t change and should be done when appropriate or not done if not allowed.

Most times, people forget that business is actually about people and the often forget the things they ought not to forget in order to conduct and present themselves appropriately in their various corporate environments.

Below are 10 basic tips you need to know about the business etiquette rules:

  1. Standing when being introduced to someone:
    Standing makes one’s presence noticeable. When you are not standing, it makes it easy for people to ignore your presence and if you are caught off guard, be sure to lean forward to indicate that you would stand, if you could.
  2. Learn to always say “Thank You” and “Please” :
    This is very necessary and should go without saying, even in a very casual professional atmosphere, this basic form of courtesy is still very much imperative. In our business world today, sending a thank you email is acceptable, but a handwritten thank you would be much more appreciated.
  3. Always initiate the handshake if you are the higher-ranking person or Host:
    In today’s business world, not only does the simple handshake gesture demonstrates that you’re polite, confident and approachable, it also helps build furure professional relationship. You shouldn’t just say hello or nod you head, make an extra effort to offer an handshake even when in higher position.
  4. Always watch your language :
    Due to time changing, written and verbal communications are becoming less formal than in time past, still, it is necessary to be very careful and wise in choosing your words as rude, offensive and unofficial language is still unacceptable. Even though SLANG is acceptable in the general society, it is not allowed in the professional setting.
  5. Don’t interrupt in discussions:
    So many people are always eager to offer their own opinion or press their point that they often interrupt others mid-sentence, but it is rude and shows disrespect for other people’s opinions.
  6. Learn to greet people at work:
    It doesn’t matter if you know everyone or you don’t, just always say “hello” and “good morning”  to anyone you walk by at your place of work. The person you say “hello” to on the way to a meeting may turn out to be the person that would be sitting besid you at the meeting, greeting is a way to start a conversational relationship.
  7. Don’t walk into other people’s office unannounced:
    It is necessary to know that it’s very wrong and disrespectful to assume that you are always welcome welcome and have the right to interrupt other’s work. You should knock and wait to be invited in them ask it it’s a good time to talk, if it’s not, you both can always schedule a convenient time to talk.
  8. Be punctual:
    It is mandatory to always be punctual even when you’re very busy, it only portrays that you value other people’s time. Being late actually does not mean you are busier than other people, it only shows that you are being inconsiderate.
  9. Avoid Eavesdropping:
    It is quite bad to eavesdrop on other people’s discussion. Everyone is entitled to private conversations, don’t try to stand over their shoulders to listen or see what they are doing, in business environments.
  10. Dress appropriately:
    Clothing is an important form of non-verbal communication, you can sens a professional message through your clothing choice. You should dress how you want to be addressed.



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